Albuquerque Wolf hearing November 20 Embassy Suites.

Be fully informed about the proposed expansion of the Wolf reintroduction in New Mexico 3:00-4:30 PM November 20, 2013 Embassy Suites, 1000 Woodward, Albuquerque, NM FWS Hearing doors open at 5 PM in the same building Please pre-register at We need your help. Next week in Albuquerque, a public comment hearing is being held … Read more

Date location Mexican Wolf-Human Interaction Wolf Behavior Land Ownership 2006 to 2013

Complaints received: Case# Date location Wolf-Human Interaction Wolf Behavior Land Ownership _________________________________________ _______________________________________ WSS-001 07-17-06 Big dry US 180 seen from vehicle traveling state WSS-002 07-24-06 near catwalk picnic area seen from vehicle traveling private property WSS-003 07-21-06 Reserve seen from business, 2 wolves standing/looking private property WSS-004 08-06-06 FR 19 seen from vehicle 5 … Read more

Politics over Biology (It certainly isn’t biology) An early article discussing the Mexican Wolf reintroduction.

Mexican Wolf A Rural Viewpoint Reality Bites Wolf Introduction in the Southwest It Really IS Politics! It certainly isn’t biology. You’re absolutely right, Kevin. The whole process of re-introducing wolves has been politics, not biology. In the November 9, 1995 issue of The Bulletin, published in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Kevin Bixby, director of the … Read more